10 Family-Friendly Resorts in Morong for Your Bataan Vacation

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10 Family-Friendly Resorts in Morong for Your Bataan Vacation

Bataan is simply one of those all-year round destinations perfect for everyone, especially barkadas and families longing to go for a beach trip that is just near Metro Manila. While there are many places in Bataan that features a number of beaches where one can enjoy some sun, sand, and sea, Morong is among one of the popular choices because of its beautiful beaches that are perfect for a summer getaway. It's also one of the more developed beach destinations in Bataan, which means that there are numerous accommodations where you can stay and spend the night or two if you want to maximize your Bataan vacation

Here's a map of Morong for your reference:

1.) Juness Beach Resort

Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Juness Beach Resort is one of the affordable yet quality beachfront resorts in Morong. With so many accommodation types to choose from ranging from private rooms to dormitories and villas, it’s the perfect choice for the practical traveler. Another thing that tourists will enjoy at this resort is the wide selection of activities and facilities here. With facilities for sports like basketball and volleyball, as well as a billiards pool, there’s no dull moment at this resort. It’s also got a nice pool where you can go swimming. Cooking is also allowed at this resort.

2.) Coral View Beach Resort

Morong, Bataan

Coral View Beach Resort is the upscale accommodation choice for beach bummers in Morong. At this resort, you get the full experience. Aside from the expanse of a private white sand beachfront, you’ll also get access to various facilities for water sports from kayaks to boating, as well as a salt water pool with various lounge areas. A restaurant and bar are located inside for your food and beverage needs.

3.) Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel

Morong, Bataan

Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel gives you your money’s worth. Aside from its various rooms and cottages for staying, it also offers various water activities at its very own adventure park. It’s recommended for team building activities. Take a dip in the swimming pools or try out their zipline for things to do on your stay.

4.) Miami Heat Beach Resort

Waterfront Road, Morong, Bataan

The resort is not coincidentally named after the famous NBA team. Inside, you’ll find décor dedicated to the players, so if you’re also a fan, then you’ll surely be delighted. But aside from its quirky concept, there’s also the fact that this premier beachside resort allows you easy access to the beach, as well as a number of recreational facilities such as water sports and swimming pools. Nature lovers will also love how it is located within the protected Pawikan conservation center.

5.) Phi-Phi Beach Hotel and Island Resort

Panibatuhan, Poblacion, Morong, Bataan

Phi-Phi Beach Hotel and Island Resort is yet another resort that is perfect for big groups. With various facilities that will accommodate different travelers’ whims including an infinity pool, team building facilities, as well as a restaurant offering yummy food, it’s the ideal resort for everyone and anyone.

6.) Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

Lot 3, Nagpajo Crossing, Barangay Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Enjoy the view from the infinity pool at Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. There’s also a jacuzzi where you can experience a relaxing bath. But more than that, Pamarta Bali is a place where one can truly enjoy some peace and quiet and have a bonding connection with their friends and family.

7.) Benisa Beach Resort

Crossing, Morong, Bataan

On a budget for your Morong escapade? No worries because Benisa Beach Resort offers reasonably-priced rooms that are just within everyone’s budget. Enjoy the privacy that this resort brings, along with the amazing view of the beach when you take a dip in their swimming pool. If a simple, peaceful, and relaxing experience is what you’re aiming for, go for Benisa Beach Resort.

8.) Island Waters Resort

Lot 1- The Crossing Barangay, Morong, Bataan

A stylish and posh vacation awaits you at Island Waters Resort. This modern resort is great for those in search of a chic and Instagrammable vacation. From the lush gardens and the sleek swimming pool with a view of the sea, there’s so much to love about it. Water activities are also offered but aside from that, it’s a popular place for events such as weddings and birthdays. With rooms that can accommodate couples and families to big groups as well as a restaurant whipping up tasty delights, you’re surely in for a treat at this amazing resort.

9.) Coastal Escape Resort

Lot 9, Block 1, Barangay Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan

Experience the serenity of a homey beach escapade at Coastal Escape Resort. Escape from the stress of the city into the minimaly-designed and comfortable rooms at this resort. If short and simple is what you’re aiming for your Morong vacay, then this resort will be perfect for you and your friends or family.

10.) Waterfront Beach Resort

Morong, Bataan

Big groups will also find a home in Morong at Waterfront Beach Resort. From private rooms to dormitory-type dwellings, there’s room for you at this beachfront resort. Pass the time away in paradise by lounging at the beach or taking a dip in the swimming pool and playing a game or two of billiards. Enjoy the offerings of a bar as well if you’re looking for a good time.

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