Bahay na Bato In La Union

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Bahay na Bato In La Union

La Union is one of the most famous tourist spot in the Philippines, despite it being one of the modernized tourist destination. In the year 2000, Dr. Edison Noble and Dr. Purita Chan Noble had built a rest house that was constructed along the coast of La Union so that they can relax and enjoy the beauty and the serenity La Union.

How to get there and ETA

The house that was constructed along the coast of La Union is called “Bahay na Bato”, it is entirely made from pebbles and stones that were found along the sidewalks and the beaches of the city’s municipality. The city is called Pebble Capital of the North because stone-picking is its most famous and booming industry. Aside from the painted pebbles, the wooden sculptures and the stone foundation that was made by Bong Kim, a Korean, it also has interiors and an underground that is the secret hideaway of the Noble’s.
After a few years, their secret hideaway was made public. In the year 2015, the couple opened their Bahay na Bato to the public, as it was encouraged by their local tourism government, and it was made as the tourist destination of the place. Soon after the opening, the local government and the tourist office had recorded a massive number of tourists and guests that were attracted to the new destination. In a report by the local news, this tourist destination attracted almost 20,000 visitors during the holidays, shortly after its opening.
Once you enter the place, you can relish the beautiful sight of the western sea hitting the shoreline of Luna that is full of different kinds of pebbles. The mansions are filled with a backyard and it has an arranged art decoration made of stones. There are corals placed on the walls of the mansion, the pebbles are placed flat on the floors of the mansion with no cement. Because of its refreshing design and interior, it has become one of the best places to rest.

This attraction has promoted the province of Luna as the most visited place in La Union, and it has also created jobs for the residents of the place. Bong Kim, who made and designed the Bahay na Bato, has since been training local artist and has since been teaching them how to carve stones, while his wife Beverly Kim serves as the manager of the place. Beverly Kim’s mother is one of the caretakers of Bahay na Bato along with their other respective family members.
This house is open for any type of occasion, like baptisms, weddings, parties and other functions that you and your family may have. If you wish to spend a night under the stars, then you can sit and have fun around their very own bonfire pits. Swimming in the beach near the house is not allowed due to safety reasons but it can be a great spot for relaxation, reading a book or listening to music. You can enjoy the crashing of the sea waves as it hits the pebbles in the shore.
This tourist attraction is located at Barangay Nalyo Norte, Luna in La Union. There is an entrance fee of 20 pesos while children who are below 4 years old are free of charge. They are open daily from 6am to 8pm.

If you wish to visit this place, you can do so by riding a bus from Manila going to La Union. Once you are in La Union, you can ride another bus going to Balaoan Municipality. You can then ride a tricycle to the city of Luna. From Luna you need to take another tricycle going to Bahay na Bato. If you want to ride a jeepney then you can do so by taking a jeepney from San Fernando to Luna via the city of Bacnotan. From Luna you will need to ride another tricycle going to Bahay na Bato.

Tangadan Falls

After visiting the Bahay na Bato in La Union, you can do a side trip and visit their famous Tangadan Falls. It is a 45-kilometer hike and you will see rice fields along the way, that gives you fresh air and a good stroll. You can even go cliff jumping in the falls as they provide vests and there is security and a lifeguard in the area. Going hiking and jumping off the cliff of the falls can make you feel that you are one with the nature.
Photo by: Jane Galvez

Ma-Cho Temple

You can also do a side trip to their famous Ma-Cho Temple. This temple is known as the place were people seek guidance and ask for signs about their life and their problems. The caretakers are accommodating, and the place is located in a peaceful neighborhood. The temple has no entrance fee, you just need to ride a tricycle going to the temple. You will be greeted by the massive statues of the place that serves as the guardians of the temple. Another religious site that you can visit while you are in La Union is the Namacpacan Church. This church is a quiet and tranquil place and it is well maintained by the locals and the government of La Union. This church is where they hold Sunday masses and you can also place a petition and light some candles in prayer.
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Bauang Beach

If you wish to swim and surf, then you can visit Bauang Beach in La Union. This is the best beach to swim in in La Union because the waves are little, and the tides are low, so it is a safe family getaway. You can feel peace in this beach, because of its simplicity and because of the laid-back lifestyle of the locals. There are cottages and huts that you can rent in the area and you can also ride a boat to go around the beach. There are many great tourist spots in La Union if you just know where to look. If you want to visit the city and you are in Manila, then you can ride a bus going to San Fernando, La Union. The bus fare will cost you around 400 pesos to 500 pesos depending on the type of bus that you are going to get. The travel time is about 5 to 7 hours, depending on the traffic in the city.
Photo by: Joseph John Zamora (@joethefilipino)