Beach Hopping in Pangasinan: Cabongaoan Beach and Colibras Island

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Beach Hopping in Pangasinan: Cabongaoan Beach and Colibras Island

Going to the beach is a way that many of us escape from daily life. The tropical sceneries help us disconnect from reality and reconnect with nature. We can’t explain it, but there's simply something about the sight and sound of the waves crashing against the shore that makes us relax and be free of all the stress, which is why we troop to the beach every time we get.

Here's a map of Pangasinan for your reference:

1. ) Cabongaoan Beach

Been dreaming of white sand beaches? Cabongaoan Beach may just be the perfect escape that you’ve been looking for. With its white sand shores and its tranquil blue waters, you’ll surely have the perfect venue for your beach bumming time. What’s more, Cabongaoan Beach can be found off the beaten path so if you’re looking for a peaceful time, this beach will surely be able to provide that for you.

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Another reason to visit Cabongaoan Beach is its infamous Death Pool. This tidal pool offers another place for swimming aside from the beach. It gets filled up from when the waves reach this natural swimming hole. No need to be alarmed, though, because as dangerous as its name is, going for a swim in this tidal pool is actually pretty safe. You can reach the Death Pool from Cabongoan Beach after a 30-minute walk or pay for a boat ride.

Roven's Place
Puerto del Baher Sea-View Beach Resort
Luzviminda's White Sand Beach
2. ) Colibra Island

Yet another of Pangasinan’s best-kept tourism secrets is Colibra Island. A small islet off the coast of Brgy. Tambobong in the town of Dasol, it has creamy, white sands and deep blue waters that will surely entice any beach lover. Aside from the white sand, it’s shores are also characterized by a number of rock formations where you can take photos.

Many locals advise against visiting Colibra Island because its waves can get a bit rough. In addition, some parts of the island are inhabited by sea snakes, which is how it got its name. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the beauty of this secluded island if you just take some precautions and learn to be careful when you travel.

When you arrive at Tambobong Beach, there are boats there that can take you to Colibra Island.

Colibra Island is a pretty small island, so it would not take long for you to explore it. If you want to spend the night, it’s possible. However, there are currently no formal accommodations at Colibra Island yet, so your only option is to bring a tent.

Roundtrip transportation (including bus, jeepney, and tricycle rides) ₱ 700.00
Boat fee per person for island hopping trip to Colibra Island ₱ 300.00
Fees at Colibra Island ₱ 50.00
Boat fee per person for boat to Death Pool ₱ 150.00
Food for 2 days plus supplies and groceries at market ₱ 800.00
Accommodation at a resort for one night per pax ₱ 500.00
Grand total ₱ 2, 500.00
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