This resort is conveniently located beside the Samal Ferry Wharf so you won’t have to travel far and long. You will need to pay an entrance fee of 80 pesos per head and you can stay the night for as low as 150 pesos each person. The entrance fee includes the free use of their swimming pool, their nipa huts, their open cottages and their seaside verandas. The swimming pool measures at least 5 feet for adults, children should be supervised at all times while swimming in the pool. The pool is open until 10pm but if you wish to continue swimming, you can do so by the beach since it is open for use for 24 hours.

If you want to hold your events and parties in the resort, you can do so by renting their open space. Their seaside veranda is perfect for events and parties since they have an organized row of chairs and tables that are separated into different groups and they are housed under a very sturdy roof. From the seaside veranda, you will be able to catch the beautiful and the relaxing glimpse of the clear, blue sea.

You can bring your own food, but if you wish to eat at the resort then you can order food from their in-house restaurant that serves very affordable dishes. If you want to hold parties, they offer a buffet-style service. If you wish to stay the night, you can choose from the rooms that they offer, they have 22 hotel rooms that will cost you 1,200 pesos a night and they have 12 cottages that costs 1,800 a night. All of their room are fully air-conditioned with cable TV, hot and cold shower and comfortable beds. There are a lot of activities and there are a lot of amenities that are available for families and for groups to enjoy in this tranquil and modern resort.

There is also a parking spot that is available for those who wish to bring their own vehicle, and if you want to go another island then you can do so to since they offer island hopping services for groups and families. You can go to different islands that can be seen in Samal, so you can get a full-on experience of what Samal feels like.

If you wish to visit the resort, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao, your airfare will depend on your airline. Once you reach Davao, you need to ride a taxi going to their Santa Fe wharf and ride a boat going to the Camp Holiday Resort, the boat ride will last for at least 20 minutes and once you reach the island, you can then ride another vehicle going to the resort.

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