D’ Bone Collector Museum

The museum opened in 2012 and it had a total of 150 bones and skulls, it was a one-story building back then. As of 2017, the museum is now three stories high and it has over 700 specimens. They have large collection of assembled skeletons of dolphins and whales in the country, they have a total of 29 of them and they are planning to add more. They also have a plant to add a skeleton of an elephant that is 12 feet tall and will, if ever, be the only skeleton of an elephant in the Philippines. They are also working on getting a hippo, a rhino and a giraffe. They have around 150 specimens in their American collection and they are going to bring it her in the Philippines.

Collecting of bones and of skeletons of different animals is their way of educating the people and in saving the environment and the wildlife. This is why the local government of Davao supports the ideas of Blatchley. Among their displays are that of a 41-foot long whale, bones of a Grizzly bear, bones and skeletons of tariers, snakes, various fish species, marine turtles, mouths of sharks and birds.

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