Dolores Beach Resort

Dolores Beach Resort is located in Mabini, Compostela Valley and it is a part of the Mabini Protected Landscape and Seascape. They are known for their incredible corals that stands out especially during the low tide hours. They also have a natural white beach beauty that the locals love, and the tourists will surely enjoy. They have their own restaurant, so if you do not wish to bring your own, they can cook the food for you. They also have air-conditioned rooms and non-air-conditioned rooms, they also have cottages available for those who wish to stay in the resort for a whole day. They also feature a lot of water sports and water activities that you can your friends and family can try and enjoy.

If you wish to go on an island hopping, the resort can provide a boat transportation for you. You will be assigned with a tour guide who will assist you until your island-hopping adventures end. You can even bring your pets since it is an open area, as long as you look after your own pets. You can also leave them outside of your rooms or cottages or you can bring them in with you.

This resort has excellent service that will make your stay unforgettable. It is also near the highway, so you can buy the things that you need outside the resort and it is very accessible, affordable and cheap. It is near a hospital, convenience store, pharmacy, clinic and there are also public transportations that passes by the property. The rooms are very clean and they have a cable TV, hot and cold shower, a closet where you can hang your clothes and they also provide room service as long as you order food from their restaurant. Their rooms can accommodate 2 to 6 people and their cottages can accommodate 10 to 15 people, making it the perfect place for family and friends to hang out in.

If you wish to visit this place, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao City, your airfare will depend on your airline. Once you reach Davao City, you then need to ride a taxi going to their bus terminal, you then need to ride a bus that is bound to Compostela Valley. It will cost you around 150 to 160 pesos and the travel time is about an hour. From the city proper, you then need to ride a jeepney that is bound to Mabini, you can tell the driver to drop you off the Dolores Beach Resort entrance, and it will cost you 20 pesos.

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