Everything That You Need To Know About Dinagyang Festival 2018

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Everything That You Need To Know About Dinagyang Festival 2018

The Dinagyang festival is the rich cultural and religious celebration in Iloilo, Philippines and it is held every 3rd Sunday of January. This festival is held to honor Sto. Nino, the blessed child Jesus and it is to celebrate the settling of the Aeta’s in the province. Iloilo City is an urbanized city in the Visayas region. It is independent politically and it is known as the most noble and the most loyal city in the Philippines.

If you wish to visit this province, check out the map below:

The Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo showcases the colorful history, the rich heritage, the passionate and sincere devotion as well as the fun-loving spirit and nature of the people of Iloilo, who are known as the Ilonggos. This festival started as a thanksgiving festival and celebration in honor the St. Nino, the blessed child Jesus. It is now one of the most attended festivals in the Philippines and it is one of the must see cultural and religious celebration.

This festival is divided into three major parts, the Ati Tribe that is a competition that is held on a Sunday, the Kasadyahan Cultural Celebration and Competition that is usually held on a Saturday that is prior to the main event and celebration the following day, and the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang which happens on the week of the main celebration and event of Dinagyang Festival since it is one of the highlights of the festival. The original competition was the Ati Tribe celebration, but to add to the overall attraction of the festival, in 1980 the Kasadyahan Cultural celebration and competition was added. It showcases the amazing talents of the local students of Iloilo and the cultural history and the rich heritage of the province. During the first few years, numerous schools from cities and towns around the province participate in the festival but recently this competition entertain the regional area of the province only, mainly those in the Visayas region as it shares the same historical and cultural history and heritage of the province.

The main attraction of the festival is the Ati Tribe celebration and competition. It has numerous warrior dancers who has a spear in one hand and a shield on the other hand and is a part of a tribe as they dance in a formation that is choreographed and a pattern that they all follow. They also chant to the beat of the drum and other instruments made by their tribes. There are different tribes that were founded, discovered and created by some of the communities and groups around the province but as time went by and as the province evolved this celebration became competitive and it gained recognition, attention and fame nationally and internationally. Some of the requirements of the participants of this celebration is that they should paint their skin black and they should create massive costumes with native materials. All their movements should coincide with the beat of the drums.
Many of the tribes in this festival is organized by all the local schools in the province. They receive support from a foundation that is in charge of the festival and they also receive support from the local government of the province of Iloilo. They also seek support from sponsors, both from local and national companies.

It is also now labeled as a historical park. This fort is under the care and supervision of administration of the City of Cebu and in order to earn extra income for its maintenace, visitors need to pay an entrance fee. The regular fee is 30 pesos, Senior Citizens are charged 24 pesos while children and students are charged 20 pesos.

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