Explore The Beautiful Island Of Jomalig in Quezon

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Explore The Beautiful Island Of Jomalig in Quezon

You will run out of words once you see the beautiful island of Jomalig in the province of Quezon. It is situated in the Polilio Group of Island that is found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It will take about six hours of boat ride to visit this paradise, but all of the effort and all of the stress in getting to the island will surely be worth it and all of the stress will melt away once you gaze upon the beauty of Jomalig. It has a sandy beach that glistens gold under the heat of the sun, the water is as clear as the sky and it is blue. Everything in this island is an invitation for you to come and to experience it yourself, you can even go to this island to explore with your friends and family. Each shore and part of the beach has its own brand of beauty, from Salibungot Beach to the Golden Sand Beach, to what they all call the Little Boracay and to Kanaway Beach. Each of the area can be enjoyed in different ways, and it only proves how close Jomalig Island is to our definition of paradise.

If you wish to visit island of Jomalig, check out the map below:

How to get to Jomalig Island:

There is one bus company that offers daily trips to Real, Quezon and that is Raymond Bus in Legarda, Manila. It is near the Arellano University and you can ride the LRT 2 or you can just walk your way to the station. You can also ride a jeepney going to Divisoria from Cubao and you can tell the driver to drop you off at the bus station.

There are two-night trips to Infanta and Real Quezon, and they have an 11:30PM and 1AM schedules. You need to pay at the counter first, look for the one that has the signage of Infanta and you can tell the person at the counter that you are going to Real, Quezon. You then need to pay 195 pesos for the bus fare.

After hours of travel, you will arrive in Real Quezon a few minutes before 5AM. You will see tricycles there are the jump off point. You just need to tell the driver that you are going to the port for boats bound to Jomalig. Once you are in Quezon, it is very important that you know the proper pronunciation of Jomalig, it is “Hu-ma-lig”. You need to pay 10 pesos for the tricycle fare.

The port is called Ungos port. It is important to remember that once you get to the port, you need to talk to the person in charge immediately and log in to the manifest for the first boat to depart. Boats that are going to Jomalig are mostly big boats that carry cargos and those that carries commodities for the island, so the passengers stay at the topload of the boats.

The fare for the boat ride is 400 pesos per person and it includes meals. You will know that you are approaching the island because it has a glistening golden sand beach. The water is clear, and it will blend well with the golden sand.

There is a tourism and environmental fee of 170 pesos to pay once you arrive. Motorcycle is the most popular way of transportation in the island, you can pay 50 pesos per person for a ride to the resort.

With these being said, here are the top 10 best beaches in Cebu that you must visit this summer.

Places to visit in Jomalig:
Once you get to the island, you can visit the following places.

1.) Kanaway Beach

Photo by: thejerny.com

The Kanaway Beach is the farthest destination in the island. You will immediately feel one with nature as you enter the vicinity of the beach, it is stunning in its own way. There are clear waters and pristine beach, but what makes this beach stand out are the rock formations that are scattered all through-out the beach.

Looking beyond, you will see two small island which are called Pulo and Manlanat, which you can explore during low tide. You can spend your time in Kanaway taking pictures and enjoying the untouched beauty of nature. There is an entrance fee of 30 pesos per person in Kanaway that will be collected by the caretaker.

2.) Little Boracay of Jomalig

Jomalig is known for its golden sand beaches, but there is a part of the island that has white powdery sand. Travelers who have been there called it the Little Boracay of the island because it is comparable to the popular tourist spot in the Philippines.

Little Boracay is managed by Pamana Beach Resort so there is an entrance fee of 30 pesos per person. The place is peaceful because it is not as crowded, so you can relax on a hammock and take beautiful pictures of the place.

The entire place is unspoiled and raw and sometimes there are a lot of sea weeds, but the resort owner is serious at taking care of the whole place.  You will see men with huge nets taking off the seaweeds from the shore.

3.) Lingayen Cove

It is a bit difficult to get to this place, there may be times that your motorcycle will get stuck in the sand. This is another peaceful place with gold to white sand beach between two boulders of rocks that you can explore. You can hike with huge rocks and you are welcomed by the stunning view of the long stretch of white sand and blue sea. There is a fee of 50 pesos that is collected by the caretaker for every tourist that visits Lingayen Cove.

4.) Golden Sand

There is a pretty good reason why they call it the Golden Sand, although all of the beaches in the island of Jomalig has golden sand, this beach is a whole new level. It has a stunning sandbar with glistening golden sand and some tiny rock formations that is scattered all over the place. You can swim on the beach and take beautiful pictures. It is not a crowded place, so you can treat this island as your own for a few hours.

5.) Puno ng Walang Forever

This tree has a funny name, as it means that it is a tree that symbolizes that nothing lasts forever. It is a beautiful tree that stands in the middle of a wide piece of land that it makes it seem lonesome to look at. This also looks a place where a lot of couples broke up, hence the name of the tree.

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