GAP Farming Resort : A Unique Attraction In Davao

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GAP Farming Resort : A Unique Attraction In Davao

Davao City is the perfect place to visit for those who wants a temporary escape from the bustling environment of the city. It is filled with many attractions that continue to satisfy the weary eyes of the traveler and gives much pleasure to anyone who visit them. This charming city is quiet and beautiful and it has a lot of great destinations that are yet to be discovered. One of them is the GAP Farming Orchard Resort or simply GAP Farm.

If you wish to visit GAP Farming Resort, check out the map below:

There are a lot of things that are must-see in GAP Farming. This destination is a  ten-hectare mountain resort and orchard that is filled with different fruit bearing trees that are located in the hilly part of the Green Valley, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City. The farm is a popular destination frequented by many tourists to spend quality time with their friends and family. There are also educational tours that are held there where the students are taught how to appreciate the importance of the natural resources.

One of the main attractions in GAP Farm is the massive marble imprint of the phrase “Land of Promise” that is set on its vast lawn, which is easily visible while you are on-board an airplane. There are fruits and tropical trees, plants, exotic flowers, fauna and colorful flora in the farm and they are the main things that you will notice in the area. The other landmarks of the farm are the old World War II Japanese carved tunnel, the Santo Nino chapel, the Mother of Perpetual Help and the mystical statues scattered throughout the farm.

Some of the mystical statues are of the national heroes of the country, Juan Tamad who is a popular Filipino folklore character that depicts the consequences of laziness, and mystical folklore creature in the Philippines like the white lady, “tikbalang” (half man-half horse), and “kapre” (smoking giant).

GAP Farming Orchard Resort has an olympic-size swimming pool where the visitors can have a cool and refreshing dip. There are also horseback riding facilities, tables for picnics and a campsite as well.

How to get to GAP Farming Orchard Resort

GAP Farm is located in the hilly part of Green Valley, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City and it is about a 15 minute drive from the main Davao City. If you wish to visit GAP Farming Orchard Resort and if you want to spend overnight or days, there are accommodations that are near the city.

There is the Sunny Point Hotel and Apartelle, the Anisable Suites, the Green Heights Business and Convention Center, the White Mansion, the Orange Grove Hotel, the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel and the Casa Ruby Bed and Breakfast.

If you are in Manila, you can ride a plane going to Davao City, your airfare will depend on your airline. Once you reach Davao City, you can ask the driver to take you to one of the hotels and suites listed above. Once you checked in, you can then take a cab going to the GAP Farm and you can start enjoying everything that the property has to offer.

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