Hagimit Falls

The campers will surely love the greenery of the area as well as the numerous adventures that are in store in the place, the water falls is also filled with trees and different plants and vegetables that grows along the riverbank of the falls. Vegetarians can have a great meal around the waterfalls.

The waterfall is untouched, and the locals do their best in order to maintain the cleanliness of the falls. There are no souvenir shops in the area, so if you want to visit the waterfall you should bring your own tools, gears, camera and food. It is a best place to have fun with your friends and your family.

There is an entrance fee of 20 pesos, and they use it as the maintenance and the development of the area. For adults the entrance fee for a whole day tour is 40 pesos, and the entrance fee for a whole day tour for kids is 20 pesos. There are cottages that you can use, for an open cottage it will cost you 500 pesos, a close cottage will cost you 1,000 pesos and tables with chairs will cost you 150 pesos.

If you wish to visit this place, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao City, your air fare will depend on your airline. From the Davao International Airport, you can ride a taxi going to the Samal Ferry Warf, it will cost you around 120 to 160 pesos, the travel time is 10 minutes. You then need to ride a ferry going to samal island, it will take 10 minutes and it will cost you 100 to 150 pesos. Once you reach Samal Island, you then need to ride a jeepney to Hagimit Falls, it is a 22 minute ride and it will cost you 20 to 30 pesos.

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