Haven’s Peak Maragusan

The Haven’s Peak Resort is a place to eat great and fresh food, stay the night and to enjoy the amazing view of the town and it is also the perfect place to enjoy a cool weather and escape the humid breeze of the city. This resort is atop Tarago Hills and it is overlooking the whole small town of Maragusan. This resort is known to be a stop for those who wants to experience a cold weather even in the middle of summer and Maragusan is known for its cold weather all year round. The resort is covered with thick fogs every morning. For you to be able to get to the top of the resort, you need to go through 208 gorgeous landscape steps that lead to the resort’s cozy and beautiful restaurant and their welcoming reception area. You will see green, foggy mountains and it is perfect for picture taking. There are two swimming pools available for the guests, and there are farms around the place too. Every corner of the resort is made to create a relaxing and a soothing atmosphere for whoever stays in the resort.

The resort as rooms for those who wants to stay the night, you can go with their dorm type room and it will cost you 400 pesos a night. They also have huts that are perfect for family of four and it will cost you 2,800 pesos a night. For those who wants to go camping, there are tent rentals and there are also bedding that you can rent, it will cost you around 250 to 750 pesos. If you have your own tent that you will be charged 150 pesos a night.

The resort grows their own organic vegetables, and they are the only resort in the whole Valley to do so. These vegetables are the ones that they use in the dishes of their restaurant. They also raise organic goats, pigs and chickens. The guests of the resort can walk around the garden and the farm, you can also request a tour.

If you wish to visit this resort, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao City. Your air fare will depend on your airline. Once you reach the Davao International Airport, you need to ride a taxi to go to their bus terminal, the taxi will cost you around 120 pesos to 160 pesos. You then need to ride a bus bound to Tagum City, it will cost you around 120 to 150 pesos and it is an hour ride. Once you reach the Tagum Overland Terminal, you need to ride another bus bound to Nabunturan Public Terminal, it is an hour ride and it will cost you another 120 to 150 pesos. From Nabunturan Public Terminal, you need to ride a jeepney bound to Maragusan Public Terminal and it will cost you around 20 pesos. From the Maragusan Public Terminal, you can then ride a motorcycle to go to the Haven’s Peak Resort.

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