Laki Pools Inland Resort

The Laki Pool Inland Resort is one of the most popular resort in Compostela Valley and they are famous for their cool and their clean swimming pools. It is located at Nangka, Libudon, Mabini, Compostela Valley, their water is always flowing, and it has no chlorine since they use the nearby waterfalls for their pools. The place is quiet and secluded, so you can truly relax as you swim and unwind. There are also a lot of recreational activities that you can do such as trying their zipline and playing billiards with your friends and family. The resort is a bit far from the highway and you need to walk down a steep road before you can reach the entrance of the resort. Their pools measure around 5 feet and they also have a lot of colorful statues and figures that are eye catching.

The entrance fee will cost you 50 pesos per head, they also have numerous cottages with different sizes. The road going to the entrance of the resort is not that enticing since it is a bit muddy and it is not yet constructed with asphalt but the resort itself is breathtaking. The large cottages will cost you around 750 pesos while the small ones will cost you around 300 pesos. There is no option for you to stay the night, which is why it is best if you swim in the mornings and leave during the late afternoon.

After a whole day of swimming, you can drop by the famous Bern’s halo halo as they serve the best halo halo in Compostela Valley. You can ride a motorcycle or you can ride your vehicle since the place is just near the highway of Mabini.

If you wish to visit this resort, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao. The airfare will depend on the airline. Once you reach Davao City, you then need to ride a taxi going to their bus terminal, the fare will cost you around 120 pesos. Once you reach the bus terminal, you can then ride a bus going to Tagum City, it will cost you another 120 pesos. Once you reach Tagum City, you need to ride another bus going to Compostela Valley, it will cost you around 150 pesos. Once you reach the city proper of Compostela Valley, you can ride a motorcycle or you can ride a vehicle going to Laki Pool Inland Resort, the travel time is about an hour and a half, so it is best that you travel during the wee hours of the morning so that you can enjoy the resort for a whole day. The resort is open from 8:00am to 9:00pm everyday.

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