Layag-Layag Beach: The Hidden Gem of Batangas

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Layag-Layag Beach: The Hidden Gem of Batangas

One of the most well known travel destination in Luzon, Philippines is Batangas. Batangas is a province in the Northen part of Luzon and every year, thousands of tourists visit the place for their beautiful beaches and incredible natural resources. They have jump-off points for dive sites, they have the famous Fortune Island that is known for its Greek inspired architecture and of course the city of Anilao. All of these well-known spots in Batangas are costly, and they have entrance fees that you will need to pay, but there is one beautiful beach in Batangas that is for free and that everyone should visit at least once when they are in Batangas, it is the Layag-Layag Beach.

How to get there and ETA

The Layag-Layag Beach is just a few hours away from the city of Manila, and this beach is a part of Barangay Papaya in Nasugbu Batangas. This beach has incredible rock formations that will leave you in awe the whole time that you are there, it has fine white sand covering its shore and the water is crystal clear that you can see different kinds of fish swimming around. The bottom of the beach is rock so it is advisable that you wear a pair of beach shoes. If you wish to stay where it is less rocky and has clearer water then you can go at the other end of the beach, it is a bit far from the main land of the beach but it is worth the walk. You can also have a local tour guide to assist you in walking through the beach front and in finding the right spot for you.

There are a lot of activites that you can do in Layag-Layag aside from swimming, you can go camping with your friends as the locals allow an overnight as long as you bring your own tent and you look after your things and your trash during the whole time that you are there. You can also go snorkling, this is an activity that both swimmers and non-swimmers can enjoy because there are locals that are there to help you, be sure to bring your own snorkling gear and if you are a non-swimmer, it is best that you stay in the shallow part of the beach. You can enjoy the different coral reefs, the fish that swim nearby and the rest of the underwater creatures that you can spot while you snorkle. If you want to have an off water adventure, then you can go hiking on their nearby mountains, there are different trails set for hikers and all that you will need to do is to inform your local tour guide about it so that they can assist you.

 At the top of their mountains, you will see the overall view of the Layag-Layag beach. If you are looking for something more extreme then you can go cliff jumping, it is best if you have a local tourist guide with you so that they can give you the run down on what to do and expect before and after you jump off. The water below is deep enough to catch you when you fall and so that you won’t get into an accident. It is also best to wear a life jacket, for safety purposes. If you wish to just sit on a boat and relax, then you can go fish feeding. Just bring a loaf of bread and the school of fish will come circling you. All of these things can be done in just 24 hours, the best part is the beach is absolutely free and you won’t have to pay for any entrance fee, just make sure that you won’t forget to bring your things such as a tent, snorkling gear, hiking gears and more.

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