Menzi Beach Resort

The Menzi Beach Resort is a public resort, so a lot of the locals go to the resort with their friends and their family, tourists are also attracted to this resort because of its fine, white sand and its clear, blue water that is great for sunbathing and for swimming. This resort is also ideal for those who loves camping and those who are into using a tent as they go on the beach while day. This is also ideal for those who wants to rough it out and go camping, you will be charged 150 pesos for an overnight stay, you can rent a tent but that will be a different charge, or you can bring your own. There is a rest room for campers that is available inside the resort, the rest room is clean and well-maintained. There is no loud music since partying is prohibited and there is no trash anywhere as the locals do their best to keep the area clean and preserved.

The place is open from 8am and 12mn, if you do not wish to stay the night in the resort then you can use its amenities during these hours. You can eat your lunch on their tables that are available for resort users and day users. If you wish to use their whole cottage then you can do so and it will cost you 300 pesos for a whole day use, while it will be 600 pesos for overnight usage of the cottage.

The Menzi Beach Resort is simple, yet it offers the best of Dahican beach, you can walk along its shoreline and you can swim for as long as you want. The huge waves are promising so you can try your surfing skills in this place.

If you wish to visit this resort, you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao City, your air fare will depend on what type of airline you are going to book your flight with. Once you reach the Davao International Airport, you need to ride a taxi going to their bus terminal, it will cost you around 120 to 160 pesos. Once you are in the bus terminal, you need to ride a bus bound to Mati City, the fare will be around 200 to 250 pesos. Once you are in Mati City, you can ride a motorcycle going to Menzi Beach Resort.

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