Mt. Gulugod Baboy: The Perfect Hiking Spot For Beginners

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Mt. Gulugod Baboy: The Perfect Hiking Spot For Beginners

Mt. Gulugod Baboy has been a favorite hiking place in Batangas for a long time. Rolling hills, sprawling grasslands and an amazing, unobstructed 360 view of the coastal waters that surrounds the province are the main reason why hikers find this mountain very irresistible. This place is frequented by seasoned mountaineers and it is a great beginner hike for the aspiring newbies. Gulugod Baboy is certainly both a challenge that is worthwhile and it is a masterpiece to behold. Diving in one of the country’s rich underwater heaven is also one of the promise to look forward to after the hike since it has several pebblestone beach line at its foot and Sombrero Island is not so distant away.

Here's a map of Batangas for your reference:

You will sigh while basking at the amazing view that is in front of you. Gulugod Baboy does not disappoint. The sun will be up and it will shine with all of its glory as it gives you the full experience. If you are not physically active, you may find the journey very tiring. Reaching the summit will take only two hours the most but it could also take you about four hours to reach the top. You will start with a footpath that will stretch to about 10 meters, it will lead you to an uphill concrete road which will stretch to about a kilometer or two of continuous ascent. You will find a bench to rest our weary knees along the way.

What you will love about the hike will be the absence of the slightest amount of pressure. There will be no pressure of keeping up with anybody, of adhering to any given itinerary or the pressure of being embarrased for being a beginner. You can also bring trail snacks along the way, as long as you keep your trash with you and not litter. The area is beautiful however, trash has always been a problem.

If along the trail you are about to lose hope as the hike could drain you off of your energy, do not fret. You may find motivation from the markers which would indicate how far you are from reaching the summit. Along the trail are four distant local houses. Once you get past all of the four houses, you are just a few breaths away from the peak of the mountain. The concrete footpath which is a bit slippery will resume once you reach the 2nd or 3rd house and will abruptly switch to the earthen trail past the viillage. The ascent will continue until you reach a clearing that will let you marvel at the peaks and the coastlines of Anilao, Batangas. From there, the peaks are just five minutes of an easy assault.


Mount Pinagbanderahan is the local name of this mountain. Pinagbanderahan means “where the flag was hoisted.” Legend says that a battle took place within this mountain and the victor’s flag was hoisted on one of its peak after the battle was won. Historical accounts on the other hand mentions about a Japanese warplane crashing in one of the peaks and thus to commemorate, a flag was hoisted in Pinagbanderahan peak. Gulugod Baboy is the name of one of the peaks of Mount Pinagbanderahan. It was derived from the peak’s structure that resembles a pig when viewed from Pinagbanderahan peak.

Locals will tell you to try to minimize the impact that you bring to the mountain. Avoid leaving your trash like plastic bottles and wrappers.The locals of Anilao do not even have the proper waste disposal facility to take care of their own trash. We should not add to their worry any further. Gulugd Baboy is part of the ongoing problem and the sad truth about the mountains of the country. Plastic trash are all over the place. Local houses along the trail have been a storage of plastic bottles. Do not be a part of the problem. Take your trash with you and disppose it properly once you get back to the city or to your home.

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