Palm City Food Park

The Palm City Food Park is in Lapu Lapu Street in Tagum City, and it has pioneered the new food hub that promises a variety of quick eats and conveniently house in just one area. This place is owned and it is operated by Elegante De Propiedad Corporation, and it has now 9 tenants and they are growing yearly since its opening last November 3, 2017.
This food park was first to have a multi-level hangout in Tagum City, and it has a LED wall that measures 9 feet x 12 feet, there are also cable tables that are elegantly decorated and it has lighted acrylic rounded glow sphere chairs with while and black accent interior. It also has an indoor garden vibe that is rolled with synthetic turf and artificial lawn grass that is beautiful to the eye. It is a pleasant place that invites you to enjoy the place and to relax, it is also a place where your kids and your pets can safely wander and play.

There are even live performances and guest DJ’s that turns the place into a lively one. The main attraction of the place is their tenants and the food that they offer. One of the tenants is the Namit Restobar that offers Ilonggo dish, silky noodles, Batchoy, robust flavors and hot broth. They also have different seafood dishes along with their best seller which is the crispy crablets.  Another tenant is Mr. Art Abner Ang, and his stall is known to serve the best and the most tender juicy ribs. They also have rice served along with their dishes like El Camaron, Pork Sisig, Hawaiian Shrimps and Chicken Barbeque and it will cost you 149 pesos and above depending on your order. They also serve sweets and other baked goods like Mango Cheesecake, Black Forest and Tiramisu.

Another tenant in the area is Hot Plat, they serve amazing food and they pattern it to homestyle cooking. They serve chicken nilotlot, which is chicken cooked in Bamboo and oton sinabaw which is a fantastic cold-kicker with a lot of ginger, onion and lemongrass.

Box and a Bowl is one the stalls in the food park that serves authentic food and exotic ones like crocodile and their crispy fried frog that can spark the interest of everyone’s taste buds. They also have snake and baboy ramo or wild boar delicacies.
And lastly, the Tikiloha is a stall that boasts about their wide array of shakes, smoothies, cocktails and juices while tossing handful of drizzles of different ingredients. Their must try is the classic bahamama, they also have the tiki chokobum and their own version of weng-weng and the delectable coffee Vietnamese. There are new stalls that has just opened which are Aussie Steak House and the Papa Jhun’s Pizza Shack.
The Palm City Food Park is a food hub that is cozy and the best hangout spot for friend and family, you can order any food that you want from the different stalls that they have. If you wish to visit this place you can do so by flying from Manila to Davao, your airfare will depend on your airline. Once you reach Davao, you can then ride a bus going to Tagum City. It will cost you 120 to 140 pesos. Once you are in Tagum City, you can then ride a taxi going to the Palm City Food Park, they are open from 11am to 1am.

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