Roxas Night Market

Throughout the years, there have been gradual changes in the food stall and the food products in the night market, when the night market started they were focused on the delicacies and the staple food of Davao, and most of the food that was served and sold in the stalls were skewered and grilled, but after three years it grew into something more sophisticated and diverse, thus increasing the food standards of the night market. They have their best sellers and the food that the tourists and the locals love.

Dynamite Stick with Cheese

This is one of the most favorite appetizer of the locals and the tourists and it is also a famous snack when people drink in the night market. This appetizer invaded the streets of Roxas in Davao. This is made from “siling haba” or chili and cheese strips are added and it is wrapped in lumpia wrapper, this snack is named dynamite is sold for 20 pesos for three sticks which is a fairly reasonable price. This is the perfect snack while you are waiting for your dinner to be served.


Bagnet is an Ilocano version of the famous lechon kawali, and it literally and figuratively a heart stopper. It is now sold in the night market with a cup of rice for only 60 pesos. This is the must try dish for meat lovers.


This dish is basically grilled pork with seafood and spices. It is what the locals call kinilaw and just like Bagnet, this is a must try dish for meat lovers. This is sold in the market with a cup of rice too.

Durian and Cheese Custard Buchi

The durian and cheese custard buchi is one of the most famous snacks in the night market. They also have the ube flavored butchi, the strawberry flavored butchi, the nutella flavored butchi and the matcha flavored buchi. You can try all of the flavors for only 20 pesos per 3 pieces.

Mango, Chocolate and Oreo Floats

You can have desserts by the streets for only 25 pesos each. You can try their mango, chocolate and oreo floats, this is the dessert that people flock to after eating a full meal.

Mixed Fried Delights

This mixed fried delicacy consists of quail eggs or bite size hotdogs mixed with fried wanton, embutido and meatballs on a stick. This is a fun meal for kids and for adults as well. This is best eaten with rice, wrapped in banana leaf with meat toppings.

Shrimp roll

This is more like a shrimp flavored fried lumpia, the shrimp tail makes this food even more inviting to the eyes of a hungry shopper. This food is only 20 pesos for 4 pieces. You can dip it in a sweet chili sauce for a more Asian taste.

Fried Onion

This snack is also called Onion bhaji, this is an Indian delicacy that is dipped with chutneys and spices that is normally used as a starter for an Indian meal. The night market made a Filipinized twist on this snack as there is a lumpia wrapper added.

Ilocos Empanada

Also known as the Vigan Empanada, this very popular dish is akin to the Mexican taco and it is packed with grated papaya and carrots, Vigan longganiza and eggs and it is enclosed with rice dough before it gets deep fried. It costs 45 pesos for each empanada and it is a meal in itself.

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