Samal Island: Pack with Fun-Filled Resorts

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Samal Island: Pack with Fun-Filled Resorts

One of the most famous beaches of Davao City is Samal Island, it is a 10 minute ferry ride from Davao and it is one of the most visited tourist destination in the country. If you wish to try something new and get away from the hustle and the bustle of city life, and if you want a new scenery and if you are tired of the usual shopping malls and the traffic of the city, then you can ride a ferry to the beautiful Samal Island. This island is known for its peaceful environment and it can take you away from the pollution and the noise of the city, it has almost 80,000 locals and they live a laid back lifestyle that you can find refreshing. Once you are in the island, you won’t be able to ride a taxi to go around but they have a motorcycle that you can rent. They also offer many activites in the island like diving, mountain climbing and kayaking. They have about 60 resorts in the island that you can choose from as they have great amenities, ambiance and food, but we are going to narrow it down to the top 10 best resorts in Samal.

How to get there and ETA:

1. ) Punta Del Sol Resort

One of the most popular resorts in Samal is the Punta Del Sol Resort, it even received accreditation from the Department of Tourism because of its amenities and its class A lodging. They also offer a tour package and they offer underwater experiences and activites. The resort can accommodate up to 150 tourists and their staff are very friendly and accommodating. Their location is also one of the best since you can view the beautiful Davao Bay from their spot. This resort is located in the town of Penaplata in Samal.

2. ) Maxima Aquafun and Maxima House

Maxima Aquafun and Maxima House is a 2 storey beach house that has 4 different comfortable rooms that guests can stay in. Each room offers a different view of Samal Island and you can enjoy the scenery of the deep blue sea. You can even rent the entire house for a day for 16,500 pesos and it can be yours exclusively. You can spend your entire night drinking, partying and playing music with your friends and your family. You can also try different water adventures during your stay, like diving, snorkling and kayaking.

3. ) Cavanico il ma re

This resort, which means “a fan by the sea” just opened its doors for tourists and it offers a whole day tour for only 250 pesos. If you wish to spend the night then it will just cost you 350 pesos. With just 250 pesos, you can enjoy the warm beach, you can dip in the pool or you can stay in one of their huts intended for their guests. You can even their amenities and you can go kayaking, you can also rent their speedboat and their jet ski, so you can experience a different water adventure.

4. ) Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

The Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is a 5 to 7 minute boat ride from Davao City, once you arrive you will be able to immediately enjoy the white sand beach and the deep blue sea. They have an aviary that you can get a tour of, and you can also stay in their restaurant and dine. They offer fresh seafood for their guests, their best seller is their Paella Valenciana. They also have the cottages where you can rest and experience the Philippine culture.


SECDEA Beach Resort is filled with different amenities and places for leisure. It has a swimming pool that you can dip in, they also have a mangrove walk that you and your family and friends can stroll along on. They also have a fish pond where you can feed their fish and catch them and have them cooked by their inhouse chef. One of their best features is that they have the majestic view of Davao Gulf. You can also spend some time in their very own chapel and you can sit and relax while gazing at the calm blue sea while staying in one of their gazebos by the beach.

6. ) Island Buenavista

The Island Buenavista is the most expensive and the most exclusive resort in Samal Island. If you wish to own the whole island for a day, then you need to prepare 105,000 pesos, they will include 3 full meals and two snacks. You can also use their facilities and you can go swimming, kayaking, diving and snorkling to your heart’s content. They also have a cottage set for those who will rent the place. The staff of the island will make sure that no one else can use the amenities as long as you are there.

7. ) Villa Amparo

The Villa Amparo Resort has the best view of the clear blue water of Samal Island and they also have soft, white sand. They have native style cottages and a bridge and gazebo. This resort is a place that beach lovers will surely love. They also have different amenities that you can use if you wish to spend the night, and aside from swimming, you can go diving, kayaking and snorkling in the resort. They also offer different kinds of seafood in the resort’s restaurant.

8. ) Isla Betita

Isla Betita is the secret garden of Samal Island, it is surrounded by greens and different plants and flowers. The resort is overlooking the beautiful Davao Gulf, so the scenery does not disappoint. The beach line of the resort has exposed rocks that leads to the blue sea. The rooms of this resort are divided into rooms and non-aircon rooms, they also have villas that you can rent if you wish to stay overnight.

9. ) Euan’s Heaven

Euan’s Heaven is a private rest house that is located in Talicud Island. This place ha huge windows, and because of this it does not necessarily need an air-conditioned room. You can feel the fresh breeze through the huge windows of this rest house. Their veranda has a hammock where you can relax and enjoy.

10. ) Isla Reta

This resort is as natural as you can get. You can stay at their native cottages or you can stay at their concrete cottages for the night. You can even rent out their tents if you wish to spend your night by the beach. This place is perfect for beach lovers because they have fine, white sand and they have clear, blue waters.

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