The Death Pool: Cabongaoan Beach’s Tourist Attraction

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The Death Pool: Cabongaoan Beach's Tourist Attraction

This is for the thrill seekers.
If you’re looking for a beach that offers an experience unique from other summer destinations, then Cabongaoan Beach is for you. Located at Burgos, Pangasinan, it boasts white golden sands and clear waters, which at this point is typical of most beaches. Only a small spot makes all the difference: a lagoon right next to the smashing waves wide enough for around less than 8 people at a time. It’s on the surface of a large natural rock formation next to the sea, and with strong enough waves the ocean pushes the tides into the lagoon, filling it with sea water. The water’s depth colors the lagoon in deep midnight blue, making it appear bottomless. This abyss-like body of water is famous on social media as Cabongaoan Beach’s Death Pool.

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