The Love Story Behind The Famous Ruins Of Negros Occidental

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The Love Story Behind The Famous Ruins Of Negros Occidental

Bacolod, Philippines is known for their sweets, the smiles of their locals and the Masskara festival. They are also known for their famous chicken inasal. Bacolod is the capital of Negros Occidental and it is one of the largest province in the country in terms of land area and overall population. A big part of the territory of Negros Occidental remains unknown to non-residents. The beaches of Sipalay, however, are beginning to get more attention lately. Negros Occidental has 13 cities and 19 municipalities. Bacolod is one of the cities of Negros Occidental and it is one of the cities that is highly urbanized. The others are more of a small town with a more laid-back atmosphere and they are still rustic.

Bacolod was once a hub of the booming sugar industry, these past few years Bacolod is known for its delicious food and their convenience as a transport hub. There are moments wherein it is clogged with traffic but you can still enjoy your stay. There are also a few sights of historic interest and amazing restaurants that you can visit.

You have to understand that Bacolod does not have the sights that other tourist destinations in the country has. What they lack in visual, they make up for the other senses. When they welcome you into their home, they will cook for you and they will make every meal unforgettable. Their chicken inasal will tickle your tastebuds and their desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth. The stories from their past are worth listening to, and one of their most famous story is the one regarding their famous landmark, The Ruins.

The Ruins’ story centers on the love story between Don Mariano Lacson and his wife Maria Braganza who passed away in 1911. Don Mariano Lacson and his wife Maria Braganza had  10 children together. In 1911, while she had her 11th pregnancy, Maria Bragnaza met an accident after she slipped and she had a miscarriage which caused her untimely death. Because of this accident, Don Mariano was left heartbroken, he then decided to build a mansion in remembrance of his beloved wife. He built the mansion in a 440 hectare sugar plantation in Talisay, Bacolod City. 

The Ruins, also known as The Nutsberry Garden, was built in 1920 but it was burned in 1942 by Filipino guerilla who were against Don Mariano’s approval of letting some Japanese soldiers in during the World War II. The mansion was made from a mixture of cement, sand and egg white, making the establishment withstand any disaster or calamity. It is now known as the Taj Mahal of Negros where the said establishment was designed by an Italian architect. The mansion has 10 massive rooms with pieces of furniture made from Narra wood and Machuca tiles for its flooring.

The mansion was left to burn for three days but it had not consumed all of the entity of the establishment. What makes this mansion special is that there are two letter M’s facing each other, which represent the names Maria and Mariano, that was molded on every post of the mansion leaving behind reminders of a colorful past that can still be seen up to the present.

The Ruins became available for public viewing last 2008 under the ownership of Don Mariano’s great grandson, Mr. Raymund Javellana. When you tour The Ruins, it will include a look at the back of the rich and colorful history of the mansion through the humorous tour guides known throughout the city. The place was also featured in different movies and local shows.

Aside from local tourists, they also receive foreign tourists that are usually Americans or Japanese. The Ruins has been recently acclaimed as one of the 12 most fascinating establishments in the world. They also received numerous awards and recognitions like the Province of Negros Occidental: Emerging Tourism Activity in 2009, Trip Advisor: Certificate of Excellence from 2014 to 2016, Gawad Turismo Awards: Best Tourism Attraction in 2015 and Choose Philippines: Best Destination Heritag Sites Category in 2016.

The guests who would want to have a tour in the mansion are welcomed, there are entrance fees that needs to be paid upon entering. Adults will be charged 100 pesos, the students will be charged 50 pesos as long as there is a valid school ID, senior citizens will be charged 60 pesos and children below 8 years old will be charged 20 pesos.

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