The Top 10 Best Beaches In Cebu

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The Top 10 Best Beaches In Cebu

Cebu is one of the places in the Visayas region that is the main place where tourists come flocking in during the summer. It is also one of the places in the country that has the densest population and it is also second to Luzon for its economic importance and its strategic importance to the Philippines. There are a lot of places in Cebu that are perfect for tourists, but their main attraction is their white sand beaches that are breathtaking.

If you wish to visit Kapatagan, check out the map below:

Cebu offers good food, beautiful infrastructure and gorgeous beaches. There are many tourists from outside of the country that will fly directly to Cebu especially during the summer season. There are many different islands in Cebu that you can travel to, and you can also stay in the city proper to experience the night life and the busy everyday city life of the locals. Cebu has numerous barangays and cities that you can go to without hopping in on a place. You can just rent a car or go on a countryside tour where local tourist guides and help you. You can go diving, snorkeling and swimming and you can also eat and sleep by the sea.

With these being said, here are the top 10 best beaches in Cebu that you must visit this summer.

1.) Durhans White Sand Beach

The Durhans White Sand Beach is one of Cebu’s best places to enjoy the summer heat, it is located in the northern part of Cebu, in Tabunok, Tabuelan Cebu. This beach resort is also known for their hospitality and they can serve tourists, both local and foreign.  They offer a relaxing place to stay and you can even relax on the beach front. They have a restaurant, a convenience store, a videoke machine that you and your friends or family can enjoy and they also have a free Wifi that you can use in their restaurant, it is perfect for people who cannot leave their work behind.

2.) Basdako White Beach

Located in Moalboal, Cebu, Basdako White Beach is one of the most popular beachs in the area. Basdako means big sand in the local dialect. It is an amazing long stretch of white sand shore and the area is big enough to go camping and staying overnight by the shore. Most of the visitors do campfires by the sea. It is also known for its crystal clear water.

3.) Tingko Beach

Tingko beach is one of the most popular getaway in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy in Cebu. It is in a small but deep lagoon that is across a coral island called Mabad-on Reef, which is submeerged during high tide and it is exposed during low tide. It is separated by a narrow channel from the mainland. This beach is characterized as an extensive stretch from the shoreline, and it is more than a mile long with fine, white sand and crystal clear water that is fringed with coconut palm grooves and limestone cliffs.

4. ) Hermits Cove

Hermits cove is a secluded cove of fine, white sand and crystal clear waters with colorful marine life. There are stories about the hermit who lived here over a hundred years ago, and today you can know about his life through the songs and the stories that are said by the fishermen and their families in the area.

5. ) Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach Resort is one of the natural beaches in the province of Cebu. The reason why it is called “hidden” is because it is untouched by the development projects of resorts and all the other money-making resorts. It is natural that you can find lots of marine life around, like shells, starfish, crabs and sea urchins. It has fine, white sand and clear water.

6. ) Tulang Diot Island

Tulang Island is a part of Camotes Island that is located in the province of Cebu, it is in the east of Cebu Island and it is in the west of Leyte Island. Tulang is a part of Barangay Esperanza in San Francisco. Tulang is known as Tulang Diot, it is a five minute boat ride from Tulang Dako, which is on the main island of Pacijan.

7. ) Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is in the Municipality of Daan Bantayan which is in the province of Cebu. This is one of the best-kept island in Cebu. It is a heap of rock and sand in the middle of the Visayan sea. It has been called as the “next Boracay” but the tourists. The island has gained a worldwide reputation and it has also become famous for its amazing diving spots. It is the only area in the world where you can see thresher sharks and encounter them, and it is also one of the best places in the country to encounter different varieties of fish.

8. ) Lambug Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Badian, which is in the Southeastern part of Cebu and it takes three hours from Cebu City to reach this place. From the town of Badian, Lambug will take around fifteen mintues more to travel on a pitch of gravel road. Once you reach the beach, it will show you the wide and the fine, white sand and the aquamarine water. Lambug offers a peaceful place from the busy city life.

9. ) Sumilon Island

This island in located in the south of Cebu with amazing sandbank. It is also a wonderful place to swim and to enjoy the beach. The crystal clear waters are amazing with the aqua blues. It is popular during the day trip, but you can also spend the overnight at the resort in the island, the Sumilon Bluewater. The island is not far from Oslob, where you can encounter whale sharks and swim with them, and it is also one of Cebu’s most popular tourist attractions.

10. ) Santiago Bay

The Santiago Bay and Garden Resort is one of the most beautiful beaches in Camotes Island. The resort offers amazing view of the Camotes Island from its hilltop location. Santiago Bay waters are clear, shallow and calm. There are a number of small, low key resorts along the beach and some of them are open air restaurants that offers great affordable food. It is also a perfect spot if you love watching sunsets.

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