The Top 10 Best Kapamilya Christmas Songs

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The Top 10 Best Kapamilya Christmas Songs

Philippines is probably the only country in the world where you can hear a Christmas carol played as early as September. It is on radio stations, the malls, restaurants and even television. The leading TV station that puts effort in their Christmas presentation as they create their own music video staring their homegrown talents with catchy tunes and memorable lyrics. In fact, their Christmas station ID’s have been so popular over the years that Filipinos anticipate what they have in store every year.

Below is the list of the top 10 Best Kapamilys Christmas Songs:

1.) Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko (2009)

This Christmas Station ID from ABS-CBN is in no doubt, their best Christmas song yet. This was released right after the devastating Typhoon Ondoy which was recorded as the worst typhoon that the country has ever experienced. It has claimed thousands of lives and millions of properties. This was the anthem of hope and faith of everyone, it became so popular that it is now sung during Christmas carols across the country. It has such a catchy tune and a heartwarming lyrics, it is difficult not to sing along to this Christmas carol.

2.) Sabay Tayo Kapamily (2004)

The Christmas season here in the Philippines is the time for gatherings and reunions of family and friends. This station ID showed how we all take a break from our normal, busy everyday life and how we all make up for the lost time with our friends and our family. This song shows how fun it is to celebrate Christmas with those who we love most and those who we care about. From warm hugs to contagious smiles, the station ID shows all of the things that we do when we are gathered with those who are close to our hearts.

3.) Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino (2014)

This song has an upbeat tempo and it shows just how fun Christmas is in the Philippines and why nothing can compare to the way that we celebrate the holidays here in the country. The actors and actresses of ABS-CBN is in the music video together with random Filipinos to show how we celebrate the holidays.

4.) Ngayong Pasko Magningning ang Pilipino ( 2010)

This Christmas station ID shows just how Filipinos cherish their families, even though they are far away. This music video features Filipinos who are destined all over the world, those who were forced to leave their family behind in order to work for their future. This music video also showed how we can still celebrate the holidays with them, even though they are far away, and how we can still make their love and their presence felt.

5.) Lumiliwanag ang Mundo sa Kwento ng Pasko (2012)

It was the year 2012 when ABS-CBN started their yearly tradition of incorporating different advocacy in their Christmas station ID’s. In the previous years, the stars of the station ID’s would simply just focus on doing different reenactments of the Christmas traditions that everyone knows already, they have now included numerous snippets of the actual helping of the victims and actual gift giving to the typhoon victims, and they also interview the survivors. Some may consider to exploitative and tacky, but it started the trend of showing heart tugging stories and other scenarios that makes the holidays feel more about family, friends and love. There are even shots of the actresses and the actors visiting a barangay that was severely affected by the typhoon that year.

6.) Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko ( 2006)

This Christmas station ID is less than four minutes and this shows that there was once a time that ABS-CBN did not focus on the dramatic scenarios and that they also showed the happiness that people feel during the holidays. It shows how festive the holidays are in the country. They used one of the most popular Filipino songs by APO Hiking Society, “Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko”. This station ID is short but it was starstudded, it was also celebratory and colorful and it was not self-serving, and it stood out that year and it was prefered by the audience versus the other station ID’s from other networks. This station ID will give you nostalgia of the simple days of television. It also featured the late Comedy King of the Philippines, Dolphy.

7.) Isang Pamilya, Isang Puso Ngayong Pasko (2002)

This Christmas station ID is the first one tha ABS-CBN aired, and it proves the line that “the first one is hard to beat”. They have a starstudded cast and the star power wattage is massive. It featured the late Comedy King of the Philippines, Dolphy and the late Action King of the Philippines, Fernando Poe Jr. It also showed the top actors and actresses of ABS-CBN, there were about 100 actors and actresses that were present during this station ID. It also showed the festivity and the way that the Filipinos celebrate Christmas.

8.) Magkasama Tayo sa Kwento ng Pasko (2013)

The year 2013 was when the station fleshed out more of the different Christmas stories that came from Filipinos all over the world. It started with an OFW named Gemma who is based in Hong Kong and she narrated that she always misses the holidays because she needs to earn more money for her family. They also featured a motorcycle driver in Cebu, he was visited by the family of one of the actresses, and they also featured an old married couple that is based in the United States. The jingle for this station ID is one of the catchiest songs that they have ever released.

9.) May Katuparan ang Hiling sa Kapamilyang Kapiling

This Christmas station ID focuses on the children and their wished to improve the lives of their families. It also showed their wishes on how they want their family to celebrate the holidays. Just like the other Christmas station ID’s, it featured the top actors and actresses of ABS-CBN and they showed them getting involved with the lives and the stories of the children.

10.) Thank You ang Babait Ninyo ( 2014)

This Christmas station ID featured the winners of their singing contest “The Voice Kids”. They sang the traditional Christmas song with a change in the beat and the tempo. It became the most popular christmas song that year.

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