The Top 15 Pulutan In The Philippines

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The Top 15 Pulutan In The Philippines

In the Philippines, if you go out for a drink, you will be asked what kind of “Pulutan” would you want. The term pulutan is from the word pulutin which means to pick up. It translates to the English term “Finger food”. Originally, a pulutan is a snack that is matched with liquor or beer but it has now found its way as an appetizer to Philippine cuisine. Pulutans come in different forms, there are fried ones, boiled ones, baked ones and some are even raw. The most popular type of pulutan are the grilled ones, and they go in different varieties from pork, chicken, beef and fish. Smaller snacks are also considered as pulutan, like peanuts and fish crackers. These types of snacks are often sold in the streets and they come in different forms like shelled, salted, garlic flavored or spiced. Skewers are also a form of pulutan, as well as tofu. It all depends on what your taste is and what kind of food you crave when you drink alcohol.

With these being said, here are the top 15 pulutan in the Philippines that you must try when you drink with your friends and your family

1. ) Tokwa at Baboy

This dish is made out of fried tofu that is diced and tender pork ears. It is often paired up with a dip that consists of soy sauce, vinegar with onions. It is definitely a party on the mouth once you pair up the pork ears, the fried tofu and once you dip them in the mixed sauce.

2. ) Tokwa at Baboy Dinakdakan

The dish Dinakdakan is an appetizer that originated from Ilocos, which is in the Luzon area of the Philippines. This dish is made up of boiled and grilled pig parts like liver, ears and face. The other parts like the intestines and the stomach are also utilized, depending on whoever cooks it.

3.) Grilled Tuna Belly

This dish is one of the most expensive cuts of tuna and it can be cooked in different ways, but when it comes to being paired with beer, the best way to cook it is to grill it. It is also best when it is dipped in soy sauce and chili.

4.) Chicharon

This dish is one of the best pulutan in the Philippines, and it is also one of the most popular. It has some juicy fat in it and they are fried until they are crispy. It is best dipped in vinegar and paired with beer.

5.) Kinilaw

This popular dish is made from raw, fresh fish and it is mixed with vinegar, onion, garlic, ginger, calamansi juice, pepper and salt. The taste of this dish will depend on how you make it so you need to make sure that all of your ingredients are fresh.

6.) Adobong Mani

This deep fried peanuts that are mixed with salt and garlic is one of the most popular pulutan in the Philippines. In fact, it is found in every drinking session in the country. Some people even add chili to add some spice to the peanuts. This is a perfect match with beer.

7.) Sisig

Another highly popular pulutan on this list is Sisig. It is originally pork ears and snout that is served on a hot and sizzling plate. You can have it plain, mixed with mayonnaise or you can have it topped with egg. Throughout the ears, there have been different variety of sisig that were made which includes chicken, tuna and squid.

8.) Crispy Pata

This dish uses pork leg and it is pressure cooked until it becomes very tender. Then the pork leg is rubbed with different spices and it is deep fried until it is perfect and brown all over. When you eat crispy pata, you can wipe out the meat from the bones in just a few minutes. It is best served with soy sauce that is filled with chili and pickled papaya on the side.

9.) Kropek

This dish is just like chicharon, but kropek is made from fish and it can be bought even in the nearest convenience store. In fact, this pulutan is so popular that they are packed like chips and they are sold in grocery stores. It is also best served with vinegar that has chili in it.

10.) Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon Bulaklak are deep fried pork innards that are sprinkled with salt. This is another popular pulutan in the Philippines and it is paired with beer. You should eat this moderately though, because it is known to cause high cholesterol and it could be dangerous for your heart if you eat this frequently.

11.) Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpaing Shanghai, also known as Spring Rolls is a dish that is made up of ground beef or pork, minced carrots, onions, and loaded with spices and it is also mixed with beaten egg which holds the wrapper together. It is originally from China, and it was introduced in the Philippines by Chinese immigrants. It is now present in every celebration in the Philippines, including drinking sessions.

12.) Calamares

Calamares is a dish that is made up of squid that is seasoned and deep fried. There are many ways to cook and prepare this dish, and it also depends on your taste buds. This is best dipped in a sweet and sour sauce.

13.) Bagnet

Bagnet is crispy fried pork belly that is a cross between Lechon Kawali and Chicharon. The lean meat is crispy, but it is not dry and the skin of the pork with all of its fat is fried to a perfect crisp. This dish is crispy from the skin, the fat and the lean meat. It is best served with vinegar and soy sauce with chopped chili and onions.

14.) Barbeque

Barbeque in the Philippines is very common, you can even see vendors in the streets selling them every night, which is why this is one of the most common pulutan in the country. You can buy this everywhere you go, and it is best paired with beer.

15.) Lechon Kawali

Lechon kawali is a dish that is made up of pork belly, garlic, bay leaves and other spices. The difference of this dish with bagnet is that lechon kawali is deep fried until its skin is crispy, but the fat and the lean meat is still tender. It is best paired with lechon sauce that is often bought from the grocery store.