The Top 8 Waterfalls In Laguna That You Must Visit

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The Top 8 Waterfalls In Laguna That You Must Visit

Laguna, Philippines is the home to the fluffy, soft and delicious Puto Binan, it is grated with cheese, it has shredded salted egg and condensed milk. Laguna is also called the Resort Province of the Philippines because it has over 700 hot spring resorts in the area. It is also given the name of Bargain Shopping Central of the country because of all the outlet store that you will find. These are just some of the things that makes Laguna sound great, it is also the perfect place to go chasing waterfalls. You will find massive waterfalls that tower over you and there are those that are gentle and meek. Some of them require great strength and endurance to get to while the others are a cakewalk. There are a lot of waterfalls in Laguna, and we have put up eight of the most popular waterfalls in Laguna. Remember to respect the local environment when you visit them. You should stay on the public footpaths, never leave your litter behind and you should bring your own water bottle.

Here's a map of Laguna for your reference:

Here are the top 8 waterfalls in Laguna, Philippines:

1.) Aliw Falls
2.) Bukal Falls
3.) Bunga Twin Falls
4.) Buntot Palos Falls
5.) Buruwisan Falls
6.) Hulugan Falls
7.) Pagsanjan Falls
8.) Talay Falls
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