Top 25 Places To Visit In Dumaguete

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Top 25 Places To Visit In Dumaguete

Dumaguete is one of the most visited places in the country, it is the capital of the city of Negros Oriental. This place is referred to as the City of Gentle People because of the hospitality of the people and the way that they treat the tourists. This place is a mix of intercontinental influences and traditions that are indigenous that they had practiced for decades. The locals of Dumaguete are active in the field of academic practices and creative practices and it is shown in their everyday lives.

Dumaguete has four universities and numerous colleges, that is why it is known as the University town. The center of this place is known for Silliman University, this university is the first Protestant university of the country and it is also the first university that follows the American curriculum in Asia.

The city of Dumaguete gets visited by numerous tourists each year, especially the Europeans, because they have a low cost of living and they have a laid-back lifestyle, not to mention their beautiful and breathtaking sceneries and delicious food. There are also a lot of diving spots and beaches in the area, that is why many tourists love this place. Their seafoods are fresh, the place is filled with different falls and lakes and there are also different species of birds and other animals in Dumaguete. They also have different festivals that you can go to, so you can experience the fun and the excitement of their parties and you can know for yourself why Dumaguete is known as the City of Gentle People.

With these being mentioned, here are some of the best places to visit when you are in Dumaguete.

1.) Bell Tower

One of the oldest landmarks in the city, the Bell Tower was once a witness to the evolution of the city and the pirates from Mindanao who landed in the city in the 18th century. The Bell Tower was made around 1774 to 1776 and there were people who served as someone who rings the bell to warn the locals of the incoming pirates, these people stayed in the watchtower that overlooks the city.
Photo by: Vision of Division

2.) Dumaguete Boulevard

The Dumaguete Boulevard is one of the most popular places in the city. This boulevard is named after the national hero of the country, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, as it is also called the Rizal Boulevard. It is believed that Dr. Jose Rizal passed by Dumaguete and strolled along the shores of this island while he was on his way to Dapitan for his exile.
Photo by: Melo Villareal

3.) Silliman University

Silliman University is one of the most famous tourist spots in Dumaguete City. This is the oldest American university in the Philippines, it was build in 1901 by Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard and Laura Hibbard. This university was established by using a donation of $10,000 from Dr. Horace Silliman, who was an American philanthropist. This university has an auditorium named Claire Isable McGill Auditorium, and it can accommodate 900 people and its design is acknowledged all around the world.
Photo by: Karlo Antonio Galay David

4.) Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

The Apo Island Marine Sanctuary is one of the most amazing diving spots not just in the country, but around the world. This sanctuary is the favorite diving spot of diving and adventure enthusiasts because it has more than half of the coral species that are known around world. Because of its natural maritime resources, the sanctuary has been secured by the local government since 1982.
Photo by: Karlo Antonio Galay David (@imperialdragon on Instagram)

5.) Bais Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar

When you are in Dumaguete City, you can visit one of their best suburbs, and that is Bais City. This city is forty-five kilometers away from Dumaguete and that is a 45-minute drive, this will bring you to their wharf in Capinahan, you can then ride a motorboat to Tanon Strait. The Tanon Strait has a great number of dolphin from different species, including the well-known spinner dolphins and some whale species.
Photo by: Kristahl Holidays

6.) Lake Balanan

Lake Balanan is a freshwater lake that is located in the forested mountains that is in Siaton, Negros Oriental. This lake has the same figure as the of number eight and the narrowest point in between the two portions of the lake being 300 feet wide.
Photo by: Asia Travel

7.) Malatapay

Malatapay is an area in Dumaguete where you can purchase seafoods that are freshly caught, and you can have them cook the seafood for you, in any type of cooking that you want. This is one of the must go to places in Dumaguete since you can experience what their life is like and you can taste the difference of fresh seafoods from the processed ones.
Photo by:

8.) Twin Lakes Balinsasayao

The Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao is one of the favorite tourist spots in Dumaguete. This is popular because of its natural beauty. It is surrounded by rainforests, over 180 species of plants and trees, 11 different species of birds, 49 different species of reptiles and different types of amphibians and 27 different species of mammals. You can also visit the two lakes, Lake Danao and Lake Blainsasayao.
Photo by: The Happy Trip

9.) Casaroro Falls

If you want to experience the rejuvenating and the relaxing waters of Casaroro Falls, then you can do so once you are in Dumaguete. There is a walkway with 300 steps and it is going down to the Casaroro Falls. It is an exhausting trip since you need to go back and forth the 300-step walkway, but it is worth it and it is a must for nature lovers who wants to see the breathtaking view and the cool waters of the place.
Photo by: Dumaguete Info

10.) Quezon Park

Quezon Park is Dumaguete’s biggest park and it is next to their Freedom Park. You can see the Belfry Tower, their Cathedral Church and the rest of the city of Dumaguete. You can enjoy the view of the city, you can relax, and you can even request for a massage from their blind therapists. There are different street foods that are available along the streets of the park, so you can taste their delicacies.
Photo by: Mark Anthony Maranga

11.) Bulwang Caves

The Bulwang Cave in Dumaguete is one of the most incredible caves that you can explore, and it can be explored even by newbies. It is easy to go through the cave and it is also easy to get out of it. Bulwang means “Big Hole” in english and it pertains to the entrance of the cave.
Photo by: Tripadvisor

12.) Mt. Kanlaon

Mt. Kanlaon is in between the city of Negros Oriental and the city of Negros Occidental, it is in its boundary and it is known as the highest peak of the region and it is the fifth highest mountain in the country. The volcano of Mt. Kanlaon is active and it sends signals through the whole province.
Photo by: johnbunoadventures

13.) Makawiwili Ridge

Makawiwili Ridge is known as the saddle in the sky and it is 8,000 feet high, it is located in between two separate mountain peaks. This ridge has served as the area of scientists as they study the movements of the Canlaon Volcano which is known to be active.
Photo by:

14.) Tierra Alta

Tierra Alta is a restaurant located on the mountain side of Dumaguete. They serve amazing food and they have the best view of the whole city. This restaurant is also an inn and it is built in a way that can hold celebrations and gatherings.
Photo by: Tourrista

15.) Talabong Mangrove Park and Bird Sanctuary

This place is found in the city of Bais in Dumaguete. It is a mangrove that is 400 hectare long and it a forest filled with different birds and other creatures. This place is great for children since it can be a lifetime travel experience.
Photo by: cityofdumaguete

16.) Pulang Bato Falls

This falls in located in Ocoy Valley that is found in the town of Valencia in Dumaguete. This name is derived from the stones that surround the area, since they are red in color. The falls of this place have cool, refreshing and calm waters.
Photo by: hikersitch

17.) Catherine of Alexandria Church

The Catherine of Alexandria Church is the oldest church that is built in stone found in Negros. This church as built way back in 1754 and the construction finish in 1776. This church is located near the bell tower in Dumaguete and it is in front of the Quezon Park.
Photo by: msozpinay

18.) Japanese Shrine

This shrine is one of the spots in Dumaguete that reminds people of what happened during the World War II. It is the symbol of amity for the Filipinos and the Japanese. This is placed in the battleground where war broke out years ago and it now deemed sacred.
Photo by: Phioxee

19.) Puncak Tanawan

This place is located at Sibulan in the city of Dumaguete. The name comes from the word Tanawan which means viewing place. This place is one of the great places to take pictures and you can relax in this area and enjoy the cool breeze. This is also a great place for hikers.
Photo by: ohmygoggles

20.) San Antonio De Padua Church

This church in located at Sibulan, Dumaguete and it welcomes the tourists in the small municipality that surrounds it. Known for its simplicity, this church is also surrounded by street vendors and it is flocked with devotees every Sunday.
Photo by: phtourguide

21.) Negros Capitol Building

One of the most must see structure in Dumaguete, this capitol building has an amazing architecture and it looks even more amazing in the evenings.
Photo by: Backpacking Pilipinas

22.) Hayahay Bar

No adventure is ever complete without good food, and in Dumaguete the Hayahay Bar is one of the cool places to eat and relax. This bar literally translates to “chill” and that is more than you can say with its ambiance. Photo by: DumagueteInfo

23.) Santa Monica Beach Resort

Deemed as one of the greatest beach resorts in Dumaguete, this place will make you feel like you are in paradise. If you are looking for a place to stay, then this is the most highly recommended one.
Photo by: etravelpilipinas

24.) Handumanan Souvenir Shop

This shop translates to “to remember” and it fits the concept of this shop perfectly. This souvenir shop has everything that you want to bring home from Dumaguete and it is the most highly recommended shop in the city as it has everything that will remind you of the place and the locals.
Photo by:

25.) Island Leisure Wellness Spa

After a long day of traveling, you need some rest and relaxation and a little pampering. This wellness spa offers the best relaxing massage and the ambiance is top notch. The staff always go beyond the extra mile to make their customers feel special.
Photo by: Tourrista

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