Travel Guide To Burias Island

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Travel Guide To Burias Island

Philippines is an archipelagic country that is made up of more than seven thousand islands, and these islands are surrounded by azure water with fine white sands. This is the reason why there are islands that are considered as the perfect summer destination. Not all islands have been advertised to the public, but those who loves the sea, the sand and the sun knows that there are hidden gems in a country like this, all that you will need to do is look and ask. One of the hidden gems of the country is found in the town of San Pascual, and it is located in the province of Masbate.

How to get there and ETA:

Burias Island is located on the upper coast of Masbate, and it is one of the main three islands of the province. It has white sand beaches that travelers and beach lovers will surely enjoy. The other two islands that are found in the upper coast of Masbate are Animasola and Tinalisayan. The town where Burias Island is located, San Pascual, is known to be a quiet town, it is quaint, and it has a laid-back atmosphere and it is in between the bounty of Burias Pass, Ragay Gulf and Sibuyan Sea, and that is where the locals get their livelihood from.

Surrounding Burias Island, there are islands that are uninhabited and there are those that are inhabited, there are those that have rocky beach fronts while there are islands that are surrounded by fine, white beach sands.

The reason why it is called a gem is because aside from the fact that is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the country, San Pascual is not the usual destination for tourists. The infrastructure of the town is not designed for a large number of tourists and its facilities are not for those who looks for high end materials. Because it is raw and unspoiled, Burias Island promises an experience to remember.

So how do you get to this island? If you are in Manila, you need to book a flight from Manila to Naga, or if you wish to be on the road, then you can ride a bus bound to Naga. The bus fare ranges from 500 pesos to 800 pesos one way, and the estimated travel time from Manila to Naga is 8 to 9 hours.

From Naga, you can then ride another bus going to Masbate City, and from the city of Masbate, you will need to ride a boat bound to San Pascual. From the town of San Pascual, you can arrange a tour to the three islands via their locals. They have schedules and guides that can help you go to the islands and stay in Burias Island for a whole day.

The primary mode of transportation in San Pascual is tricycle or motorbike. The minimum fare for these rides is 7 pesos. They also have a jeepney trip that goes around daily, and they are bound to the neighboring ton of Claveria. If you want to explore the island of Burias, you can hire a boat for 1,500 pesos and it is good for 24 hours, the box is good for 6 people. You need to be registered first in their Tourism Office that is located at the Port of San Pascual and they will help you find the boat that you will need for your island hopping. To go to the town of San Pascual in Masbate, there are different boats that are scheduled to leave for Pasacao at five thirty in the morning, nine thirty in the morning and two thirty in the afternoon daily. The travel time is about two to three hours and the fare is 130 pesos.

There are no high-end resort or hotel in the city of  San Pascual, so if you want to go island hopping and visit the their famous Burias Island, you will need to go back to the town of San Pascual and rent a room in either a resort, a pension house or home stays. These places offer just the basic accommodations. If you want to spend the night in their island, you can bring a tent and pay their entrance fee.

Here are some of the places that you can stay in San Pascual:

1.) Sunset View Tourist Inn

This place is located at the seaside of San Pascual and it is one of the most famous lodging place in San Pascual, Masbate

2.) Atlaza Resort

This resort offers different water activities to its customers, such as kayaking, snorkling and diving.

3.) Ticao Island Resort

This resort has a great location as you can see the beauty of Masbate and they have different services that their customers can enjoy.

Sombrero Island has an entrance fee of 20 pesos per person while Tinalisayan Island has an entrance fee of 10 pesos per person. You can also rent an open cottage for 300 pesos.

There are many activities that you can do in San Pascual, aside from visiting their famous islands and spending a day in Burias Island, you can also explore the town, Naga, Masbate and their neighboring suburbs. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling and diving for free as long as you bring your own gear. You can also go camping, kayaking and do other water sports that they offer. They have a century old municipal house in San Pascual that you can visit, and you can also talk to the locals about joining their Isla Rancho Festival.

You can stroll through the town of San Pascual and look at their well preserved ancestral homes and century old houses. The locals are keen in keeping their traditions and their simple way of life alive. They also have their oldest church that tourists love to visit, the Bicolandia. You can also experience seeing 80,000 swiftlets in their Balinsasayaw House.
If you want to go to their next town, you can go island hopping in San Andres. You can also ask their local municipality to give you a pass so that you can rent a boat and stay the day in their famous islands and beaches. You can also witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset in San Pascual.

You can enjoy their native delicacies as there are restaurants and eateries around San Pascual. Here are their best places to eat:

1.) Baywalk Garden Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in San Pascual, this place is kid friendly and you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

2.) JMJ Restaurant

If you crave fresh seafoods, then this place is for you. They offer different seafoods that they can cook depending on how you like it.

You can eat fresh seafoods as they catch them for you and they can cook it in any way that you want. Resorts, logging ins and home stays offer breakfast to their guests, so you can check if the place that you are going to stay in has an eatery of their own or if they offer meals for their guests.

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